What is a brass band?

The United Kingdom has a long brass band tradition with the first civilian brass bands appearing over 200 years ago. Historically, brass bands have been heavily associated with local industry and many bands still bear the names of once prevalent British collieries. However, new community brass bands like Edinburgh Brass Band are appearing all the time, no longer sponsored by industry but still with strong links to the local community.

A standard brass band consists of around 28 players:

  • 1 Soprano cornet (E♭)
  • 4 Front row or solo cornets (B♭)
  • 5 Back row cornets (B♭)
    • Repiano cornet
    • Two 2nd cornets
    • Two 3rd cornets
  • 1 Flugelhorn (B♭)
  • 3 Tenor horns (E♭)
    • Solo Horn
    • 1st Horn
    • 2nd Horn
  • 2 Baritones (B♭)
    • 1st Baritone
    • 2nd Baritone
  • 2 Euphoniums (B♭)
  • 2 Tenor trombones (B♭)
    • 1st Trombone
    • 2nd Trombone
  • 1 Bass trombone (C)
  • 2 E♭ Basses
  • 2 BB♭ Basses
  • 2 to 4 percussion

The mix of these various instruments ensures brass band’s have a beautiful warm sound with adapts well to indoor and outdoor performances. As a community brass band playing for enjoyment Edinburgh Brass Band are flexible on the numbers of players we have on each part. However, despite the lack of hard limits the band’s current structure remains similar to that outlined above.

If you’re interested in hearing a brass band please take a look at our future events. We can often be heard playing at garden parties, concerts, and charity fund raising events in and around Edinburgh.